Din varukorg är tom

An enamel sign is a highly durable handicraft product with a beautiful, living surface. Enamel signs have traditionally been used as street name signs, for house number signs, or indoors to indicate a room's use, e.g. Kitchen, Pantry or Toilet.

House numbers are available in both old-fashioned and functionalist styles, with black text on a white background, or white text on a black background. We usually have the numbers 1-20 in stock; other numbers are special order items.

Street name signs with or without numbers are made to order.

Enamel is a hard, glass-like coating that has been fused onto a hard substrate at high temperatures. Manufacturing an enamel sign is a craft from start to finish. The process varies somewhat from one manufacturer to another, but broadly speaking, the process is as follows: A plate is cut to the correct size, deburred and then beaten to shape in a mould with a rubber mallet. Mounting holes are then punched through the plate. A primer layer is applied to both sides, after which the sign is enamelled in a series of steps. Text and numbers are applied using stencils and then fired in a kiln. In some cases metal rings are provided at the corners. The metal rings prevent the enamel from cracking if you overtighten the screws.

Small enamel signs without metal rings must be installed carefully to avoid cracking the enamel.